Suggestion: Space port

So I had an idea that I thought could be a great add on for planets and help fund the local economy.
A spaceport, basically a space dock that ships can connect to and not have to do surface landings.
To ship stuff to the surface there is a small fee that is collected by the local COGC you can deliver shipping contracts or extract stuff from a warehouse. If you want to buy from the local market you would need to pay the shipping price up to the spaceport.
To come with this, if you didn’t have a base on the planet there is a landing fee that can also be set as the planet would have to set up a dock for you and you would take up a bay. The price of this can change, the same as the deliveries to and from spaceports can be changed.

Further along the line, we could even set up a system where a player can build a landing pad on their base to have 1-2 ships land for a trade without paying the landing fee but you would have to specify the player name when landing on the planet, they would then get an option to approve the landing like as part of a contract or something. (options for auto-fill if you have contracts for someone)

maybe even add a tick box into shipping contracts that say if the shipper will pay fees or not. To save people getting scammed into paying massive prices to deliver a shipment. If the shipper pays fee’s it will be part of their shipping contact as a bit for them to fulfill after pickup.

I would also suggest planets with CX’s offer free shipping up to the spaceport so as to not give these planets to much of an advantage.

It just seemed like a great way planets could bring money into their planet coffers that isn’t tax.
it would also slightly encourage people to build up their local market so as to bring more travelers and spread the player base out from the CX’s a little.

Just an idea I had :slight_smile:


Spaceports would be a great addition to the game and we have thought about them as well. Coincidentally we’ll have a brainstorming meeting concerning ship building and the flight model later this week and I am pretty sure that structures like spaceports will be a part of it!