Suggestion: R&D Base projects

Hi All and Devs in particular! :wink:

More detail after first paragraph, the first idea to be introduced is the T3 R&D base project for individual bases (after introduction paragraph). Additionally I initiated a small project (which can be enlarged if there is enough initiative shown from Devs on willingness to implements the ideas) and I’m gathering a possible ideas which can be further developed/brainstormed/balance if there are clear signs of potential will to implement of particular feature.

I am gathering ideas, which I (or anyone willing to help) will try to expand in more details (but again I would need a confirmation that the idea is worth using my or anyone else time to spent on to make it more polished/balanced etc. and to respect people’s time. Currently ideas I’m storing here: PrUn random improvements idea to implement from easy to hard - Google Docs and I can expand those in details, yet I don’t want to do a Sisyphean work if there is no will to take it into consideration and my time would be wasted (of course the ideas there could be also terrible, blame me in the comments), I would encourage also other people if they want to participate into discussions, yet I dont know what’s the best logistic for it yet.

R&D project (copy from doc) - initial state

R&D aka base project

Problem statement

Currently we are lacking individuality of the base or any real focus after early game (except for experts over time and recently added base permits bonus). There should be a clear way of how to improve your efficiency if you want to stay within your industry to remove the “stale” effect and add more personalization to your base. Additionally there is no real incentive (except for some buildings from T3 to take GG - LAB and PP3) to actually invest in T3.


Create base projects (similar to planet projects) to improve certain areas of industry, efficiency both in a temporary as also in a permanent base bonuses. This can be initiated by doing an R&D labs, which is the first project to enable other projects. The requirements for the project should be focused around the T3 outputs.

The real challenge is to create such a project that would be a quite balanced way of improving your base with addition of temporary/permanent boosts, that would also not break the output of lower tier. A way to address this is the recently announced quest, that could “sink” all the T1 outputs you will be improving with the project or including a lot of T1 resources to get the temporary buffs.


R&D Lab project




Diagram summary of above here

Example projects, to be more expanded if there is any interest from Devs

temporary 25% specialized bonus (similar to CoGC) for a week

(should be from the industry, example 10GF, 10FE, 10AL, 20FLX)

(this requires a ton of time to balance, but it only to present idea, if this is to be explored more I can try to put stuff together)

Permanent project:
+10% yield (input: planet’s week output of all resources @100% eff → this would force to temporary do buildings you don’t want, but you get bonuses out of it or you buy the requirements and just add to the project)


First of all - this encourages people to do PP3 chains to start producing RFabs (T3 Fabs) and also some electronics and also some of the ship chains, this is a really good base to reduce the pressure of “investing into ship buildings without real gain”. Additionally this should encourage people to go into T3 as they wanted to rush the GGs early on to get those high inputs of T1. Now once you have that you should be able to bust your T1 production to the roof. The R&D is not that easy to get, but also not that hard to get with the above requirements. Some SD materials can be excluded, but all of them based on name made sense.

End comment
I feel there is a great potential in the game, but I also think there are some areas to improve which requires quicker approach. All of it can be managed in different ways, yet my approach here is to directly suggest something that might be easier to implement (it uses already implemented solutions like planet projects or base/company specific HQ upgrade) to initiate something new. Assuming the existing solutions can be expanded further, this should not be that time consuming as introducing a new idea - yet I don’t know the code so I could be totally wrong here.