Suggestion: production leaderboard

TLDR: there is a command which displays each commodity sorted by category as on CX, and for each commodity it shows a leaderboard of the top few (five?) companies who have produced the most of that commodity over the past few periods (ideally would be able to select 1d/3d/7d/30d/90d as with CXPC), ideally with the amount produced. Note that this is amount produced, not sold by whatever means, so there are no currency considerations.

I made this suggestion offhand on Discord, but the more I think about it the more I think it would be a quick improvement to a couple of areas of weakness in the game. The first is to create a small amount of friendly competition amongst the players who are big enough to compete for those podium places (“ooh Alice has doubled her production in the past week, will she overtake Bob?!”), and generally encourage a sense of community. The second is to provide more information to all players about which companies might be able to supply unusual materials, which would facilitate trade at all levels.