Suggestion: For Trail LIC's and Local Markets

Hi there ^^

I understand that trail users should have limited access
and therefore cannot use the local markets.

But wouldn’t it be better if you at least get access to the local market where you have your HQ?

or at least make it possible that Premium users can set up “unrated” Contracts for the TRAIL people
and the TRAIL users can only take a limited amount of these contracts per day or something like that

my reason for this suggestion is simple was in the currency region for ICA as i started so i got plenty of that money but my start planet was full so i ventured to another good planet unfortunate i realised too late that this planet is in the CIS currency area … and now my ships and company is stuck cause i didn’t find a way to change my currencys and can not accsess the local market to get at least enough for fuel :smiley:

(Sure i could buy Premium and everything will be fine but that would be a forced buy with no Heart behind it and i want to make a suggetion that will lift the problem for new players that could have the same fate as me ^^)

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Your best bet is to have one of your ships buy up a lot of stuff that is cheap on the HRT market but expensive at BEN, fly to BEN and sell it all for the best prices you can get. Your best choices right now would be the luxury consumables COF and the basic consumables RAT, you can probably get a 50% return on your investment shipping these to BEN CX.

That being said if you are really worried about your start, you could open a new buffer and enter the COLIQ command and start over on the starter planet of your choice.