Suggestion: Converting HE3 into HE

Add simple recipes to the WEL and HWP to convert 1 HE3 into 1 HE with no/minimal time cost.

HE3 is functionally identical to HE (HE4) for the purposes of chemistry, so it should be usable in all circumstances that HE can be used. At the moment, that’s only the WEL and HWP. Since HE3 is needed for fusion processes and not HE4, you cannot convert in the other direction. While this would only be used rarely, it would be a sensible and nifty inclusion for rare circumstances where welding is desired in areas that have not yet tapped HE, but do have HE3 for making FTL fuel.

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You are opening pandora’s box with this. You also could ask why it is not possible to transform 1xAMM (NH3) into 1xN + 3xH what every chem student could do - and so on…
You have to find a point or you end dying in overwelming complexity

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There’s no chemistry here though. Splitting AMM or H2O requires electricity and infrastructure. HE3 can just be used as if it were HE, because it is. There’s no chemical difference between HE3 and HE, only a small difference in mass. You can just put HE3 into your welding tools and they’ll work fine.