Suggestion: Buildings of same type as separate buildings

Apologies if this already mentioned.

Please construct buildings of same type as two separate buildings. Instead of looking like one building with 2x in progress and 5x in queue. Please be two buildings with 1x in progress and 5x in queue each.


Getting +1 queue slot per building of the same type would also resolve the primary reason this is a problem.

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There is no problem to be resolved. Order queuing with multiple buildings works fine. You can use longer duration orders to reduce the number of orders you need to queue up. You can get extra queue slots by upgrading your HQ. You can unlock recurring orders by purchasing PRO.

The only “problem” I can see is players whining about how the production queue works. :yum:

Welcome to the game, daarsk! :slight_smile:

I 100% agree.

I did remember yesterday I can increase the batch size.

I remember when i first started, after I accidentally created the maximum batch for carbon production and it went into 5+ days of production, and not having access to that stock until the whole production was finished, I thought “who would ever increase the batch size any higher than 1?”

Now I know!

Thanks for the welcome!

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Welcome folks; I don’t think queue slots should scale 1:1 with additional buildings per-line.

However, as someone with 8 EXT, 13 FRMs and 11 INC in each of their own respective lines, one of the biggest issues is actually scrolling to the bottom to find out what status my queue is in!

Having a single line is useful if you’re targeting a specific ratio with different duration batches/recipes, but for high-variety buildings (BMP) the additional slots from HQ upgrades aren’t sufficient

A solution here would be an option to split production lines once you have a threshold number of the same building (6, maybe 8) to balance the benefit of more queue slots with investment; alternatively have it linked to experts somehow, with the 5 default slots and additional slot for experts 2,4 and 5.

While these would be nice, ultimately it is currently in a good state, with some, but not an overbearing incentive to get PRO for recurring orders

Some buildings, like farmsteads, can need to run more than 5 different goods at once, so even having recurring orders isn’t much help. Especially when those products all have different times to complete.

each active expert +1 queue slot