Suggestion: Archive/Closed Category

I suggest a place to put the things that are resolved/temporary/niche/obsoleted by updates, but that shouldn’t be entirely deleted. Might attach a tag for the original category at the time of archiving.

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I have no idea what this is referring to. Is it in conjunction with your calendar suggestion? For archived/closed events?

Not particularly, It’s just a suggestion to create a category to put dead topics to clean up the active categories.

For instance if the fitness thing becomes a yearly deal, then we wouldn’t want 5 separate threads all cluttering up the uncategorized area, throw the old 4 into the archive rather than deleting them for progeny’s sake.
Another example is ex-governor threads, good to have, but good to have separate from the current-governor threads.

If you’re just talking about forum threads (such as this one we’re both posting in right now) then I think the ordinary “sort by latest post” functionality of the forum is adequate for the purpose. How many people are scrolling back and reading old fitness posts from several years ago, and then complaining that they did it?

Having to manually mark threads as old to get them to move down the latest post view seems like unnecessary work.

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