STL ship Auction on Deimos Antares region

Cooperation kapusta & yaro111 present:
STL ship auction with glass-based STL Engine. Cargo bay 500m3/500t. Basic Hull Plate and small STL fuel tank (1500)
Perfect for Antares I or II system.
Starting bid 400k AIC
Auction end 8pm (uk time/UTC/GMT 0) Friday 11.02.2022
Material collection Deimos. Payment AIC
Please put your bids in posts below.
Any question plesase pm me or kapusta on discord or prun


We also accept payments in other currencies, or mix of them :slight_smile:


Name in game Kaygran | AGRO-CORP

my bid 400.000 divided in AIC ICA and NCC

another small change is minimal bid increase will be 10k in any currency

My bid is 450.000 ICA

I’ll take a bid at 460k

I will bid at 500k .

Then I will bid 550k

Then i will bid 560k

570k and a box of chocolates.

My probably last offer 580k :slight_smile:

Let us go with 590k.

5 min to end of auction :wink:

undefinedSymbol congratulation.
I will try to find you on discord or prun to finalise transaction
Next friday new STL auction :slight_smile:

Perfect, let’s do it within prun :slightly_smiling_face: