Steam User Support Tier Question


I’m a new player who discovered the game through Steam, and I’m interested in purchasing an Early Access Support Tier. I’ve read that players who created their accounts via Steam currently cannot access the game via the broswer version, but that the devs are working on it.

My question is: If I buy a support tier through the website, will it automatically be linked to my Steam account (for in-game items like PRO time, profile badges, name-a-thing, etc), or do I need to make the purchase through Steam somehow?

I’m just not sure to what extent my log-in activity on the website is correlated to my Steam account for in-game access, and I’d hate to complicate anything by purchasing upgrades through the wrong channels.


I linked my steam after i got thru the browser.

Hey, thanks for considering to purchase a support package! The support tiers can only bought through our website, not Steam. You can add an email during Steam startup and use that to login on the website. You are right, only one account is necessary! Please let us know if you run into any issues!

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I was able to sort it out and have purchased my tier. I didn’t realize the outage yesterday was global, but once everything was back up, all worked well.

For the record: Everything synced up just fine with Steam. Cheers!

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