Steam and Browser version link/merge

Just curious, will we be able to link or merge together our browser game with the Steam version? I’m just trying to decide if I want to download the steam version also; you know, give you guys some additonal downloads :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yes, once you start the Steam version it’ll ask if you want to use an existing account.

Please consider leaving a review on Steam, it is a very important metric for their algorithm when deciding how to rank PrUn.

I’ve setup a steam account and just found out I can also play on browser. Can I do this with a steam account or do I now need to use this account that I’ve setup? If it’s this account, is it possible to delete current steam version and then merge to this one? Would be good to play on steam when at home and browser when not.

It is not possible yet to use the web version with an account created in Steam. We are working on it.

I’ll send you a private message to sort this out.

I got a prompt on the steam version yesterday to add an email when I logged on… can access from web now too.

I would also love to be notified when it is possible for accounts originally created in Steam are able to play via the browser version [as of this posting, clicking on the “Play Now” button leads to an “Unable to Connect” APEX screen].

I didn’t realize the browser game existed until I added via Steam, and it would be amazing to access the game at work outside of Steam.

Thank you!

If you login via Steam, you can enter your email and with it create an web account. We had an outage last night, it should work again!

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