Starting Resources

With CX’s being off planet, I’m wondering if starting resources specifically RAT/DW/OVE should be increased as the starting resources only run a base for two days, and it will require days then that to put together a profitable load for CX trading.

The other reason is that new player don’t realize how much their basic base buildings consume until they start a new base, so they will be unable to anticipate how much they need to run the base.

I am proposing 4-5 days of consumables, to offset the change of off-market CX’s.

Fuel engineer starting resources should also be increased, as they have the highest requirement of all the starting packages-they need a COL, EXT, REF, and they also need a starting partner on another planet to run the REF’s. A single REF can consume 18-24 H/day, and they are given 24 H, and even with 4X COL on Umbra it will take longer to get a profitable load ready.


Agreed, although the new player not knowing about consumption I don’t really buy, seeing as how the next day they log in and half their consumables are gone, and they realize they have to spend the bulk of whatever profits they’ve made in that one day on replenishing them. Which means if you’re on Montem, all of it on RAT. I agree the resources should be increased to a 4 to 5 day amount that would support the starter base before any expansions, but I’d also posit that the ships should come fully fueled rather than at half. What car salesmen sells a car with half a tank of gas in it.

The starting fuel thing was that most new players that started on a CX would sell all their fuel to build more base buildings, leading the fuel engineers in the cold.

Through with CX’s off planet, I don’t think it’s a viable strategy anymore.

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I want to buy cars where you live.
Here cars have like 10% gas in them - so after buying you got to go to the gas station right away.

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Used to sell cars and have bought many, I’m from Cali, they always had a full tank, even on used car lots.