Starting Package Resuffle Ideas

We’ve been discussing the state of the universe over on the Discord server and one the issues right now is the viability of options for new players in the starting packages. While looking into the reasons why many of us chose Victualler as a safe path to learn the game, a problem came to mind that the starting packages for me focus a lot on early vertical integration. Ultimately this is where we all want to be, it takes focus away from creating markets to keep new players active. Part of the idea is to leverage the MM to give new players a fallback if they aren’t making sales on the market to other players. Note: These are suggested changes in the starting build options, instead of using the existing to create different starts like Nemesis.

Farmer (replaces Carbon Farmer): As the Manufacturer already has an INC as it’s starting recommended building, give the farmer a RIG and instead and say produce the backbone of the supply chains.


Experts: Agriculture

Victualler: Changes to be focuses on DW instead of RAT in the beginning and can rely on sales from the Farmers to make the RATs.

2 RIG, 1 FP

Experts: Food Industries

Resource Extractor (probably instead of Fuel Engineer start): Specializes in collecting resources from the atmosphere or extracting ores and minerals from the surface. Nemesis has this as there top recommendation, so it’s probably not a bad idea in general.

2 EXT or 2 COL

Experts: Resource Extraction

After these, the players can vertically integrate or keep expanding in their chosen fields. All have options to sell to the MM if there is no player activity.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will shortly look into the company registration and setup process, so feedback at this point is welcome!

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