Sorry, too dumb for this game

Hello. Maybe I am the only one here that is struggeling hard in getting used to this game or the user interface. I tried, but already after only building the first base I realize I have to resign. I do not really understand the instruction videos, can not really transfer everything that is explained and APEX is massively overloading me. Maybe a basic setup for the start would have been needed for me, anyways…
So after trying it out I came to the conclusion that this is not what I am looking for though the general setup sounded very intersting to me. After just spending a few hours here I wonder if there is a way to get back the money spend or is it gone for good? If it is gone a trial testing possibility would have been greatly appreciated not to spend money on a product without having a chance to test it.

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Highly recommend you continue trying! Stay encouraged! It can be overwhelming at first however just start small and take your -time-. You’d be surprised how productive doing nothing can be , especially when it is so easy to do something unproductive. :wink:

Familiarize yourself with the full functionality of the interface and if you tend to learn better by reading rather than listening, like me, read the full wiki page details to better understand the mechanics and functions. Would recommend beginning on Prom as a farmer and just make 2x pioneer hab, a farm, a rig, and a food processor. This will ensure you have everything to function other than OVA (overalls for your farmers) which are inexpensive even at start. Then just take it slow and don’t do anything for the first week or so other than -produce- while you continue to learn and it will make more sense.

Actually that has been my plan. Start slowly and then one after the other try to get a bit more into it. But APEX is not giving me a chance to do so. I am unable to manage it at all. An example maybe: I tried to find me on the star map. So I write into the command line MU NAV. And then there is the star map. But unlike the map I closed unintentionally before I can not highlight my base, ships or planet. So I am searching douzens of stars to maybe find a name I somehow remember to then find out that even then it does not help me at all. Then I find out, that via a MAP button on the left I can reload the original map that allows me to filter for my fleet e.g… But then again it opens a new window and I do not manage to get it displayed correctly. So I adjust the size of this new buffer numer 114 so that it is then displayed on top of the APEX but that also is not a satisfactory solution for it. Everytime I decide to afterwards adjust a window it is always disturbing on top, so I try to keep an overview with the APEX as little adjusted to my demands as I only was able to with another maybe 10 windows on top plus the tutorial videos… not working for me unfortunately. So even before starting something like a production or a trade I am already fed up with the interface I am unable to handle killing all my motivation to log in again. Most propably it also is a major issue that english is not my mother tongue as some videos have been viewed numerous times without being able to transfer the things done in the video to my screen.

Well keep in mind the game is still in Alpha. In time would imagine the interface will have improvements made to it however for now it is a learning curve to fully familiarize oneself with. You should modify the existing APEX windows to show only your base, your market, your fleet, your production lines, and nothing else. It’s easy to get lost when first starting out!

And again, try the readable wiki tutorials rather than watching the videos so you can read and translate instead of having to try to listen. English is my first language however I just process information easier by reading it rather than hearing it spoken to me, might help you too. :smile:

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Big oof my man, you should have looked around for a free key there are still thousands available afaik.

IMO the video tutorials are pretty bad because they take too long to watch, the wiki is much more useful and after that talk to other people in global. Once you get the hang of basic apex commands its pretty nifty but yeah I get what you mean those first few hours are really bad. It took me 2 hours to figure out how to take things off of my ship to actually build stuff.

Agreed, the first few hours can be overwhelming and rough even for someone experienced. I avoided doing anything in fact other than building the recommended starter buildings on Prom just to keep from doing irrecoverable damage. There is also the COLIQ command so you can restart easily enough if needed!

Hi Jumper! I hope you have not left the game!

Apex is extremely frustrating to get used to, but it does happen! I remember when I first started - I was terribly confused and close to leaving the game also. I’m glad that I didn’t. I’ve had some great conversations and solved some fiendish supply chain issues.

You will find most of the older players are still very active. We tend to chat primarily in our own groups because we have already invested the time to build up our networks. We still monitor global chat, and are always willing to offer advice and help to new players.

If you feel that a question has not been answered in global chat, try the PrUn discord server.

PrUn is fundamentally a game about production, logistics, and economics - but it is smothered in a rich meta of networking, diplomacy, and communication. This isn’t explained correctly on the website, and it’s also not immediately apparent to new players.

For a brand new start, you won’t go wrong as a Victualler on Promitor. Build the recommended facilities, and use your time to get integrated in the community. If you would like to restart and try again, open a new buffer and use the COLIQ command. This is a limited use feature and cannot be used regularly.

Ensure that you do your main playing on a desktop/laptop computer rather than a phone. PrUn works on mobile, but loses a lot of functionality due to not supporting touch screens. Use mobile for chat and, later on, monitoring things. Always remember that PrUn is real-time, its very slow paced.

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