Some questions

A) How will i be able, to Transfer cargo wich is inside my ships, into my base? they are materials wich i need to go on…

Welcome to the game.
While the learning curve is a bit harsh, there exists a series of video tutorials on how to start up your company and the basics of the game.

Linked below is the video (and the timestamp) where you are taught how to transfer cargo to your base.

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great, thanks…/short and plausible.

next one:
meanwhile I’m knowing alot of feauters this game is offering but still not all of them.
there will be in the near future some questions i’ll have to post.

b) were can i join a faction or somethink like that/ isnt much relevant at the moment but not to avoid.
c)images? is there anythink this game could offer?
d)the progress of this game: how fast are you to present new feautures/ is there a pro lizenz relevant? to use all feauters?

Hey, I know your questions are super old, but I just came back from a month of sick leave and I’ll answer them just to be sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Technically, you always start out with a Faction. Factions are essentially NPCs occupying pre-determined sections of space, each with their own currency. If you are looking to create or and join a Corporation, which are player-operated, you can learn all about it here.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. The game’s graphics are very basic; although they’re going to improve, the overall focus on text in lieu of flashy visuals will remain the same.

Development has been slow, but steady. The team is going to grow soon, which will probably cause updates to be released at a higher rate. The PRO license is not required to play or keep playing; however, you need one to trade on Local Markets or the Foreign Exchange.