Sneak peek at new chat feature

Since I’ve already shared the below gif on Twitter and Facebook I thought I might post it on the forums as well:


As you can see, certain content in chat messages will be automatically recognized as a reference to some in-game resource or object and consequently be replaced by a link to that item. More details on this will be part of tomorrow’s development log.

I assume that over the coming weeks, we will share more and more screenshots/animated gifs of the actual game. We had originally planned to do another major interface design sweep, so we didn’t want to release too many images that showed a design that was soon to be obsolete. But so far this overhaul hasn’t materialized and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So aside from improvements of particular features, the general UI will look and work the way it does today for the foreseeable future. Hence, no need to hold back on screenshots anymore :slight_smile: