Sneak a Peek – development log #167

An improved company set-up process and restrictions to company liquidations have been among the most requested updates to the game. Guess what we’ve been working on this week!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

It’s great to see improvements to the new player experience!

Will the packages be balanced before the reset?

If not, will the company set-up process inform new players that if they’re interested in role X, they should pick package Y even if that’s not the “obvious” one for role X? With the current unbalanced packages, the advice to new players is nearly independent of their desired role–start with the Metallurgist package, buy/sell certain prefabs, and have a vastly stronger start than you would with any other package.

For product supply/demand, showing an instantaneous snapshot may be misleading. Perhaps show actual prices and quantities traded for the last 24 hrs and last 7 days? The highly unstable prices of most markets and the high spreads make it very hard to tell what’s actually going on by looking at a single number. The single-number displays are pretty easy to manipulate by those who want to mislead others who don’t know to look at the actual order books and price charts.

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Yes, we will rebalance the packages for the next test.

Yes, that is true. We only have limited space in the company setup and cannot give a comprehensive overview of all commodities at all markets. So right now we want to display the current prices, demand and supply for a handful of commodities relevant for the selected starting package.

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I think showing misleading information is worse than no information.

A small line graph can pack a lot of information into a tiny space.

If that’s too much work, maybe just have the commodity names and links to the order books and price charts, possibly with help text of what to look for? New players will need to understand how to use the market displays sooner or later, so why not provide a pointer and some help during company setup?

As the game goes on, current economic details (beyond the immediate information in the starter package) will become more and more important. Making that information available during company setup may reduce the number of unhappy new players and COLIQs.