SmartDog For Montem Campaign

Hello everyone!

I’m SmartDog, the founder of Supernova Foundries and I’m currently running for election on Montem! Here I will detail my plan for Montem if elected and answer questions / feedback. Lets get started

Overall Objective: Ship building is coming within the next couple of months and I aim to establish Montem as the place to build them.

Information is sparse on what exactly will be needed but we do know NV1 and NV2 will be a part and these require SCI level pops. Therefore if elected I will focus on growing high tier pops as well as the market for those goods.

The Plan:

I will lower taxes on Montems primary industries and slightly raise them on others that aren’t ideal but still entry-level. The idea here is to gently encourage the populace towards the industries that Montem is best suited for.
Taxes on those industries that cannot be started in will see larger increases. The idea here is more established players are in these industries (chemistry is settler+, electronics tech+) and therefore should contribute more to the infrastructure to support them.

This is a rough look at what taxes would look like:

Industry Current Tax Planned Tax

Agriculture 25 40
Chemistry 35 70
Construction 40 30
Electronics 50 90
Food Industries 35 40
Fuel Refining 35 40
Manufacturing 40 30
Metallurgy 40 30
Resource Extraction 20 20

Another way to raise funds and minimize impact to newer / smaller players will be to increase LM and WAR fees. Most LM contracts offered are shipping (more established players) and Montems WAR is almost completely rented out.

I hope these two together will minimize impact on newer companies while getting older ones to pay for the support they’re asking for.

For infrastructure I will focus on SDP, HOS and possibly 4DA. This will hopefully be more cost effective, reduce reliance on Promitor for supplies and provide new markets for local producers.

Beyond this there is potential for subsidies for products Montem desires or prefabs for players looking to establish a base here among other programs. Let me know what you think!

Final Notes:

I will not be following the 1-person corp meta. Instead I will work with my corpmates in Supernova Foundries in support of Montem for we also call it home and want to see it grow and prosper.

So if you want to grow beyond pioneers and settlers, if you want to be at the vanguard of shipbuilding, if you want to see Montem become the best it can be then VOTE DOG!