Small APEX/UI Suggestions

The first two are stolen from XFCE Linux (maybe other environments too) and seriously improve any windowed environment experience once you get used to it, in particular # 1.

  1. Ctrl or Shift + rightclick drag to resize a buffer popup. This makes if ar easier to resize a popup without having to position your mouse perfectly on a thin border. It basically makes the drag-edge of a window expand thicker inside the popup so you just need to get near the edge of the border and drag, instead of positioning exactly on the line.

(Using ALT will conflict with XFCE Linux’s version of this feature, so please use another key if this is done.)

  1. Ctrl or Shift + leftclick drag to move a buffer popup around. This one is perhaps less urgent since dragging a buffer around with the larger top bar is easier than dragging those thin borders to resize, but still a nice thing to have.

  2. Let us specify default width/height size preferences for buffer popups (or make the default a little larger?)

  3. Let us specify a default time span and granularity for market charts in some preference area (ex. always open up new market charts with each bar representing 1 day over a 90 day span, etc.)

  4. A simple “undo” function would be nice for when you close a box within a screen. Doesn’t need to be multi-step undo with a long history, just something to undo the last change would be nice. I’ve noticed once in a while I’ll accidentally close something, and due to the nature of how the horiz/vert splitting operates it can take quite a few steps to redo the layout you had.

  5. This one may be possible and I just don’t know how, but it would be great if there was some easy way to “go to” a planet or system on the main universe map (or just point out where it is on the map).