Simulogics Flagged as Fraud

I was attempting to upgrade my license to Pro using a US bank account and my bank has a fraud alert against Simulogics. I know this most likely extends to several banking institutions. I want to make sure you are aware so that you can look into this and not lose an avenue of revenue. I am looking for other means to support the team and will hopefully have a Pro license soon. Thank you for the hard work the team has put into PU and I am excited to see what the feature holds.

Hi @medianox0681, thanks for the heads-up. I checked the transactions in question and all I can see is a “generic decline” by the card issuer, with the advice for the customer “to contact their card issuer for more information”. So very little I can do here besides relaying this information. We don’t seem to have a general issue in that regard (the vast majority of transactions works just fine), but this is specific to individual banks/issuers and their anti-fraud models.

I am glad it’s not widespread. I did an intense dive and there’s another Simulogics that does not run secure connections. Chances are whatever fraud prevention company the bank is using is probably taking the easy way out and flagging the name, not the site itself.