Simplification of personal contracts

Please reduce the number of “Save” buttons when creating contracts. When I have to create 40-50 contracts a day it is insanely tiring. Especially if I do a series of contracts to transfer materials to improve the HQ or base you start to make a lot of mistakes because you see a green “Action succeeded!” 5 times before submitting a personal contract for sale and having to double-check yourself before each submission. Thanks.


Save buttons are kind of needed (though they probably could be consolidated, and probably will be), but hopefully we can eliminate the pop-up each time you save. Maybe just have the Save button go inactive instead showing that there aren’t any changes that could be saved


One button “SAVE” next to “DISCARD” is enough. I understand that this may be inherent in the logic of the code of the contracts themselves and to change this probably need to reinvent the wheel, but the task for the near future is worth adding.

I do wholesale buying, storing, and dispensing of construction/consumable materials in a corporation and mechanics like this make this role much more difficult. Aside from not having the right mechanics. When you’re building 3-4 bases at a time and improving HQ to players, these “little things” are very noticeable. No negativity, just an important observation when playing specific roles.

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100% agree.

I have Issues sleep sometimes, It would be nice if doing contact wasn’t so draining, waking up and having to focus on the contracts is tedious. Specially on the phone.