Shipment unloading issues - Bug?

Hi, I recently accepted, and from my perspecitive completed two contract simultaneously - These were B95HNGG and W8H1F59. they both fitted in a single ship, which was great. So I picked them both up fine (never checked my cargo hold but the contracts say fulfilled), flew to the drop of point, and then fulfilled (clicked Fulfill) both contracts, i.e. I completed the delivery. My ship was then empty (no cargo), and yet only W8H1F59 shows as complete. B95HNGG is still showing as that final delivery fulfilment as incomplete.
My ship has since picked up a 399t cargo for another contrct and flown off successfully. It is carrying this new cargo and would not have been able to if the old cargo was still there.

Any ideas? My suspicion is that when transporting two cargos there is a race condition somewhere that means one cargo can get “lost” and not complete a stage… Anyway that’s just my thoughts…

How can this be fixed, as my customer is I suspect missing their shipment (not managed to speak to them yet).

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Image posted in Discord, as I cannot upload it here (still newbie)

Thanks to molp - traced to user incompentance - mine! Thanks everyone.