Ship Upgrade Question

I’ve decided on a ‘PAY-AS-I-GO’ model for PrUn, what I mean by that is this: Initially I bought a Moon tier supporter package, when it expired and I want to do something like a big HQ upgrade I make or purchase all the inputs over weeks or months (however long it takes) then I pay the 8EUR and do the upgrade. How can I do this with ship upgrades? Say if all I want to do is increase the cargo space of my ship, what inputs will I need? At the moment to start a project to be able to see the necessary inputs I have to already be on a PRO licence. Is there a way I can see what I’ll need in advance so I can do my ‘PAY-AS-I-GO’ system?

The upgrade costs of a shipbuilding project are simply the difference between the two blueprints. You could create the two blueprints, see what you need to go from A to B and then work on getting these items.

Please note that you won’t get back any materials that are no longer necessary, for example: if you switch from BHP to LHP, you will not get back the BHP from your old ship.

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Ok, so if my starting ship blueprint has BHP 48, and the upgrade requires 64. I’ll only need to take the differnce (16) with me to the ship yard?

And you answered my next question about which parts might be reclaimable. I thought some might be, like for instance upgrading from a Standard STL Engine to a Fuel Saving one is a considerable expense. Fair enough with your starter ships, but what about a ship you built yourself, shouldn’t you keep that Standard STL Engine, since you paid for it.


Ship upgrades is a pretty new features, I won’t rule out that we might include salvageable parts in the future, but we have no current plans to do so.

I thought it might work like buildings, when you start the project it lists what’s salvageable and what new inputs you’d need to complete the project. You know, taking degradation into account. A shagged ship might have 48 BHP still on it, but how many of them would actually be reusable, compared to that engine with relatively low hours and plenty of life still in it.