Ship is unable to move after FTL abort

I aborted an FTL jump during the last FTL stage. The ship now shows location as ‘Hortus (orbit)’ and appears in the centre of the star on the system map however the ship is unable to move under STL as it says any move order is invalid and does not give any other information. The ship is also unable use FTL as it lacks the required fuel to make any jump out of the system. I am also unable to send my other ship to it as it does not register as a valid location. Is there anything I can do to regain the use of the ship or is it stuck forever?

I added some fuel to your ship. Please jump out of the system and then back, that should fix it.

Thank you. The ship is now able to move

Yeah, i got this too had to learn the hard way, never cancel trip on last jump stage