Ship has to go through whole trip even though I canceled it during departing

Both the timers to get to destination and departing timers are going down. This might be how its intended but it might be better if it didn’t take so long to abort while departing. I aborted the mission when I realized the cargo I was suppose to ship was at my base and not in the ship

Edit: It hasn’t even gone through the jump phase yet

This appears to be working as intended.

The rules for aborting flights are that it will always complete the current stage, and that any charged jump has to complete too.

The “departure” phase is your ship moving away from the starting planet or station to a safe distance to perform the jump. This usually takes a few hours. During that time it also charges the jump drive. So cancelling during departure will result in at least one jump occurring, since the current stage (departing) has to complete, and by the time it does the jump drive is fully charged, so also has to complete.

So your ship will end up in a random location in Antares II. From there you can either jump back to your destination, or continue on to a new (or the original) destination. Due to the random location generally being worse than a plotted location, it’s usually not a good idea to cancel a trip on the last jump.

FYI - the reason for these apparently strange rules is to reduce the likelihood of your ship ending up stranded somewhere without enough fuel, by ensuring that all fuel expended is actually used.

Ok, at least I learned more about the game mechanics