Secret Santa Summary

Hey Everyone,

Well with Chirstmas over, all of the Secret Santa gifts have been exchanged or are confirmed and in process of delivery. Thanks to everyone who participated!

First of all, some stats:

  • Total Participants: 30 (100% participation from those that signed up)
  • Total estimated sum of gifts: 7,796,700
  • Average gift size: 259,800
  • Largest gift size: 1,650,000
    • Gifts valued at 0-99,999 - 10
    • Gifts valued at 100,000-499,999 - 14
    • Gifts valued at 500k+ - 6

How the process went:

  • The sign up process was really smooth and so was contacting everyone with their gift recipient.
  • It was a little difficult to keep some of the anonymity due to how the contract system works and myself and Pord not wanting to handle EVERY transfer of goods, though we did help with a handful.
  • Follow up and ensuring everyone received a gift and the estimated value was a little more tedious.

Things to possibly do different next time around (if it happens):

  • Chances are community will grow if this happens again. We would need a more automated way to people to know who to give gifts to and possibly another form/site for people to go to confirm they have received their gift and submit a value. This would allow for less DM’s back and forth.
  • That’s really it. The whole things went pretty smooth and received a lot of postive feedback. The only adjustment would be streamlining the follow up process.
  • The only other change I could see (if you wanted ultimate secrecy) would be to change the format. We could limit gifts to cash and have one person (or a small teacm) collect and distribute the gifts, though this would take significant time, coordination, and COMS :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all who participated. Happy Holidays. We’ll see you on the next TACO TUESDAY :taco:

Tacos and @Pord


Great community event made by you guys! I’m glad I was able to be part of it. nearly 8 millions worth of goods/cash is fantastic, especially for a first :slight_smile: