Rings or Bars - Development Log #293

Michi has reached a critical decision while working on the map prototype and is calling on you for help. Congratulations to Kiruna, formally XH-594b!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

I have deuteranopia, so I am not a fan of color coded information.

Having said that, maybe instead of vertical bars how about filling the ring?
I dont like the bars too much, but the color coding makes rings hard for me to use.


How are gradients for various forms of colour blindness?

Yellow and black don’t get confused much do they? But from what i read here dark reds and black can get confused as well as red/yellow.

My suggestion would be concentric rings and dashed rings around the body: for example, 1 ship would be a single ring, 1-10 ships would be one solid,one dashed; 10 ships 2 solid etc. Possibly with expansion to the frequency of dashes corresponding to the volume

In my case I can see red and green individually … (I think, at least they look different)
But if you put them together my brain cant decided which is which. Is like I see it red, then blink and is green.

There is a particular purple that seems to vibrate when I look at it.

Hence I avoid as much as possible color coded information.
I remember someone (rain?) made a chart last universe with just 3 lines. and used two colors that looked similar to me.
He was very gracious changing one of them to yellow so I could understand it.

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