Release Notes - Prelude

Release date

The prelude release will be released on September 27th 2019

General Notes

Prelude really is just a small feature release that foreshadows what will come in the ‘Expanse’ release afterwards.

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • Building depreciation and degradation
    All buildings are depreciated over the course of 26 weeks, which means that their initial book value (the sum of the values of all input materials) will drop to zero. In accounting the depreciated value will appear under expenses, site depreciation. We show the book value in the buildings list.
    As a production building gets older it degrades and cannot produce as efficiently as before anymore. We refer to that as its ‘condition’ and it is also shown in the building list. The condition starts at 100% and will go down to 33% over the course of the depreciation period. The combined condition of a production line is used for every of its production orders and shown as a new efficiency factor.

  • Production fees
    Starting with this release there will be production fees on production orders. The fees depend on the length of the production order and for now only the factions collect production fees.

  • Administration center
    The planetary Administration Center is a new planetary project that eventually will allow to hold elections for a governor. The governor can control production and local market fees.
    Please note that this release will only allow to build the project, the actual mechanism to vote will follow in the Expanse release.


  • The market maker price for carbon C has been reduced to 225 (from 292).


  • A recent Chrome release triggered layout problems in APEX. We added a workaround that should fix it.

The Prelude update is hitting the servers within the next 20 hours! Check out our dedicated update page.

Is the Core Module effected by the degradation too ?

So the production capability is CoreModule condition x building condition = value ?

The core module is not effected, even though the screenshot says so :slight_smile:


If the market maker price of Carbon decreases, the market maker price of HCP, MAI and GRN should also decrease.
The economics of: 4 HCP -> 4 C in 26 hrs, 4 HCP + 2 GRN/MAI -> 4 C in 17 hrs, and 4 HCP + 2GRN + 2MAI -> 4 C in 8.5 hrs, ONLY makes sense if the price of C / HCP > ~2.5


Here’s my working:


Tried to rewrite your math: