Release Notes - Maintenance 08

Release date

The maintenance release 08 will be released no earlier than September 21st.

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • The BBL now has a second button (‘repair’) to allow to repair building without demolishing and rebuilding it. It is not necessary to remove any items from the production queue to do so
  • Corporation projects can now be cancelled while being in construction.


  • The very first term of a newly built Administration Center will only last three days
  • The start of an election will be announced via a notification
  • The amount of voting influence in a CoGC vote is now determined by the assigned workforce and not by the built housing capacity
  • The bar chart below the price chart in CXPC now shows the amount of traded units, not the sum of prices of traded units. This change should make it easier to gauge the activity of a certain market.
  • Cancelled production orders now generate expert experience
  • Inventory controls are being persisted now
  • The MAT command now shows if a material is used as population infrastructure, CoGC or workforce upkeep


  • The first population report will now be created 7 days after initial settlement. That way the initial 200 pioneers of the very first settlement will not go into the general population right away.
  • Match command names first and command descriptions second when entering text into an empty tile.
  • Fixed the bug where a shipment would not seem to be transferred to another storage
  • Fixed the bug where the CoGC votes got out of sync in some circumstances
  • Population that is assigned to the reserve pool is no longer incorporated in the calculation of unemployment and open jobs.
  • Flights to Promitor that get aborted on the last jump segment will no longer end up in the Hortussian sun
  • Fix the ‘last for’ calculation in the infrastructure upkeep for long running upkeeps

Would the corporate project cancellation return any of the contributed materials or are they consumed?

No, not at this point, I just wanted to squeeze it into this maintenance release.

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