Release Notes - Maintenance 02

Release date

This maintenance release will be released on Wednesday January 29th.

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • The USR command now shows a list of current and past offices the corresponding user holds
  • Commodity trade notifications now contain the commodity name
  • Base construction has its own command BSC now
  • Using the PLI command without parameters shows a simple planet search box


  • The available plots on the hub planets Katoa, Montem and Promitor have been doubled.
  • All site owners of a planet are now being notified when a planetary project is constructed.
  • The ship flight controls SFC now contain a inventory indicator
  • A warning is displayed if a production order cannot be started due to missing funds
  • HB1 is now shown on top of the infrastructure list in the building construction BBC
  • Planets now slowly rotate in the PLI command
  • Liquidating a company is now possible immediately if there have been no trades at a commodity exchange or local market or any contributions to planetary or corporation projects.
  • The contracts overview CONTS now shows a due date for every contract, if available


  • Lines in the chat now wrap properly
  • After the completion of a planetary project the UI updates properly
  • The supply and demand values in the CX command are now correct if a market maker is present
  • After deleting the last building of a production line the UI updates properly
  • Round the displayed currency value down if no decimal places are shown

QoL request - please make inventory/buildings sort by abbreviation. As option or by default. For example H2O at the end of list a bit frustrating(I know its a water, but…). Also some sort of category sorting didnt hurt - for example looking for consumables to resupply across whole inventory not comfortable, especially at big bases at CX. Toggleable? Category -> Abbreviation.


Please note that the release date has been changed to Wednesday January 29th!