Release Notes - COLIQ restrictions


Server: 0.6.20
Client: 0.6.12

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

To tackle the the abuse potential of the company liquidation (COLIQ) command we added a cooldown mechanism. The first COLIQ is immediately possible, the second after 3 days, the third after 21 and every following after 60 days.

We know that this won’t solve the problem in its entirety, but it is a first (and quick) step into the right direction.


Please also note that abusing the COLIQ command is considered cheating and can lead to the termination of the corresponding accounts.



  • Fixed a problem on the server that prevented some CORPS buffers to load.

Great patch! I’m glad you guys have started clamping down on COLIQ


Right now, COLIQ is just showing a spinner (like when the servers are broken/buggy) for at least two players, both of whom are likely under the cooldown period if old ones are being counted, and neither of whom have used COLIQ since the change. At least one player who did a COLIQ since the change is reporting seeing a window displaying the cooldown, which is what I’d expect to see in all cases.

The issue persists after multiple browser refreshes.

Are COLIQs from before the change counted toward the cooldown timers?

Will COLIQ cooldowns be reset whenever the game world is reset?



Can you tell me the namens of the player that only see a spinner? Will look into it as soon as I am back (Tuesday)

The players seeing only a spinner were me (Kodos) and Dekomori. The player DagobertDuckGSG saw the confirmation screen (with cooldown timer) as expected.

@Kodos: Issue should be resolved, please try again!

Could I get some clarification on whether the COLIQ command a complete restart where I can re pick my package, or are all my assets just simply converted to cash?

The whole company is reset and you get to choose a new company name, starting package and location