Release Notes - Cancellation of running production orders


Server: 0.7.x
Client: 0.7.x

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • Cancellation of running production orders: So far, a running production order could not be stopped in any way. That is especially annoying when a large order has been setup that runs for ages. With the new cancellation process in place one can cancel any order at any time. If the order did run for less then 10 minutes all input materials are reimbursed. If it ran for longer only a fraction of the inputs is returned and of course only a fraction of the outputs generated. The fraction depends on the completion of the order and material amounts are always rounded down. There is a confirmation dialog:

  • Supported badges: We added a buffer that shows all the available badges in the game. The badges will also be visible in the USR command, in the sidebar and chat names will be colored accordingly.



  • Disable existing workforce notifications: The current workforce notifications (workforce out of supplies, workforce unsatisfied) are not working correctly at the moment, so we disabled them.
  • Stations: Clicking on stations to bring up the station information was not working correctly. We also added a command to list all stations STNS while we were at it.
  • A link to the material info has been added to all CX* screens.
  • Long licencee names are being truncated in the chat to enhance readability and preserve the layout.
  • Starting profiles: The materials that are provided with the starting profile now have initial values assigned to them. This will help new players as the FIN tiles are filled with correct values from the get go.
  • Account deletions: Many licencees took note of strange messages in the general chat like “has left”. These messages refer to closed accounts which have their names removed, hence the strange message. From now on deleted accounts will have random names, similar as liquidated companies.
  • Market makers: Market makers for Argon and Solar Panels have been removed. Prices for Oxygen, Neon and Mineral Construction Granulate have been adjusted.


  • Resource extraction bug: There has been a bug in the resource extraction when a planet has two or more resources of the same type. It was possible to extract larger amounts of the less-abundant resource by setting up shorter extraction orders. The behavior has not been fixed completely, but the difference between order sizes is smaller now.
  • Ships: Ships are now removed from the game when the corresponding company is being liquidated.
  • Workforce efficiency factors: In some rare cases the workforce efficiency factors (experts, CoGC bonuses) have not been calculated and added properly although the UI indicated that they were.

As a sole producer of AR, I would much appreciate to be warned of the MM disapperance.
In this one moment today, I lost a lot without any hint it may happen.
For the future, if game developers decide, that some MM price is too high or too low, it would be much better–in my opinion–to make the change gradually, not in such unexpected and radical way.
Also I am very curious, what were the reasons for the 2 MM removal?

On the positve side I think the MCG MM price adjustment is very good (but it also coould be made in steps, not all at once).

I am sorry about that. The MM price changes were made last minute. I forgot to post the change log a few days ahead as I did with the fuel update. Back then we decided to do that every time from now on and I forgot it. Sorry!

We removed the MM for Solar Panels because it has only been there so the CoGC upkeep could be paid when it still did contain Solar Panels. The Argon MM has been removed since there is no starting location with the Argon resource, so no new company is directly dependent on selling Argon to a MM.