Release Notes - building demolition


Server: 0.7.19
Client: 0.7.2

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

Building demolition

If a building is demolished it will now return some of its original building materials. It works like this: If demolished within 1 hour of construction all materials are reclaimed. Afterwards only a fraction is returned that corresponds with to age of the building. After 60 days the building is written off and no materials can be reclaimed.

All old buildings will be handled as if built on March 28th 2019, so everyone gets a change to restructure their bases.


  • Reduced the weight of some ores
  • Replaced PG in the following recipes with PE:
    • MED
    • SCN
    • BGC
    • BCO
    • HCC
    • INF
    • TSH
    • PCB
    • SOC
  • FX fees reduced to .5%
  • Reduced the consumption of luxury drinks for all worker groups
  • MCG requirements for buildings are now 4 * building_area
  • The areas of the following buildings have changed:
    • RIG
    • INC
    • HB1
    • HB2
    • FP
    • HBB
    • HB3
    • HBC
    • HMB
    • HB4
    • FRM


  • Removed Metal-Halide Lighting System as a required building material on non-fertile planets. MHL is now a part of the Hydroponics Farm recipe

  • Fixed the list of corporations command CORPS. In most cases the command didn’t show anything and someone started to call it CORPSE :wink:

Upcoming update

In the upcoming update we will adjust the FTL fuel recipe, the fuel itself and how much fuel is necessary for a trip. We want to provide a heads up so players can prepare for the changes. Here is a quick summary of the changes to come.

  • The refineries’ FTL recipe will output ~10 time more FTL fuel per cycle
  • FTL fuel will be lighter and smaller
  • Market maker prices will be adjusted accordingly
  • FTL flight will consume ~3 times more FTL fuel

So overall the FTL flight will get much cheaper, but the existing fuel will lose about 2/3 of its value. To not get stranded we suggest to have a ship at a comex and be ready to buy fuel.

Another (in-game) notification with more details will be released before the update happens.