Release Notes - Account Deletions, Balancing and UI improvements


Server: 0.6.16
Client: 0.6.8

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • You can now close your whole account through the account management interface (“hub”). Your account/company within the game itself will be automatically deleted as well. Note that if you have an account with our other game AirlineSim, this will be affected as well!
  • New in-game alert for when new release notes (like the ones you’re reading right now) are available.
  • URLs pasted to a chat are now properly recognized as such and linked.
  • Valid CX/FX tickers in chat messages get replaced by auto-updating inline quotes.


  • Consumption of supplies by your workforces is now based on the required amount of staff, not the habitation capacity. Not 100% sure which effect this will have on existing populations, their satisfaction and consumption. But either way everything should be back to normal quickly.
  • Needs table is now grouped by population level instead of need category as to not confuse beginners who don’t know that there is a need for OVE listed towards the end of the matrix.
  • When joined, users now leave the public channel when their company is deleted.
  • TRA command now shows the latest list of videos.
  • There is a new market maker that sells Solar Panels (SP) in order to be able to keep the CoGCs running.
  • The two recipes for Carbohydrate Grains (GRN) are now more distinguished. The recipe using more water is quicker.
  • The market makers for Sulfur, Caliche and Neon will not buy these commodities anymore.
  • There are new Carbon (C ) recipes to speed up production at the cost of more input materials.
  • The building costs of the buildings Incinerator (INC), Prefab Plant 1 (PP1) and Basic Material Plant (BMP) have been lowered.


  • Reduced the boost workforces receive from CoGC programs to 10%
  • Fixed the button that allows shareholders to leave a corporation
  • Placeholders in chat messages are not matched in the middle of words anymore
  • The list of users online was not sorted correctly
  • Added missing localization for a few materials and material categories
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Due to a somewhat stupid mistake on my part the notifications got messed up, causing a UI-breaking bug in the client. I have implemented a hotfix on the server-side that should resolve some of the issue. But I’ve also implemented one on the client-side that should prevent any UI-breaking stuff for anyone for whom the server-side fix didn’t cut it. You might see [failed to render notification] instead of proper notification texts and clicking such a notification might cause nonsense to happen. But all notifications going forward should be fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: Don’t forget to refresh your console to get the fix, even if it did reconnect automatically!

People were wondering why the new and/or adjusted recipes didn’t show up for them. So I looked into it today and it turns out this is caused by a rather fundamental serialization issue. Translation: Unless you set up a new production line, these recipes won’t be available for now.

I will try to catch some time with @molp to discuss the issue as soon as possible. But given that the holidays are coming up, please don’t expect a quick fix. Actually…I fear this won’t be something that can be fixed in the current alpha at all. But we’ll keep you posted.