Release Notes - 2021.2

Release date

The 2021.2 release will be released not earlier than Tuesday April 27th

General Notes

The 2021.2 release is the second of several releases that are aimed at improving the new player experience and fixing bugs.

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

UI Tutorial

The UI tutorial is a guided tour through a few key concepts of the APEX interface. It will start automatically after company registration and setup. It will only be shown to players that sign up after the release.

Gameplay Hints


At key moments during the early game play APEX will show hints to guide new players. These hints pop up automatically in regular buffers. There is a new command for this system called HINT. Hints can be disabled and are only visible for new players that register after the release.


  • Added a link to the CX that opens up the Station command STNS and not the map
  • Added a minimal amount of foreign currency to every starter package. This can be used for example to buy emergency fuel on a foreign station or to just easily join a corporation that uses a different currency. Currently we add 1000¤ of every foreign currency.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented CX order from being deleted
  • Corporation codes are now cleared after a corporation has been deleted and can be reused
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the “PRO licensee” tutorial task from being set to fulfilled even though a PRO license was purchased
  • Fixed a bug where companies had the PRO status but the rating kept being UNRATED (should be PENDING right after the purchase)
  • Fixed a bug that tried to autofill browser-cached address data into the destination selection field of LM shipping ads
  • Fixed a bug where contributions to a planetary project would not show immediately

The update went live a moment ago.


Have you considered assigning 1000 of the 5 currencies to all existing companies as well? Seeing the age of the universe, I assume most players currently only have 1 or 2 currencies, so this boost could be very useful to them as well. In addition, this would hit two more birds with one stone: Current BASIC license players are incentivised to explore trading on foreign CX’s, in turn making upgrading to a PRO license more attractive as they familiarise themselves with the universe beyond their home system.

That said, I feel there are currently too many barriers to try trading on foreign CX’s for new(er) players, especially without PRO.


I agree with the above. I started my company about 3 days ago and after doing some calculations, it was actually worth it for me to COLIQ to get the extra money, which I could exchange on the foreign exchange for my local currency.

Though sunk cost bias eventually prevented me from doing a COLIQ as I didn’t want to start from scratch again.