Release Notes - 2020.1

Release date

The 2020.1 release will be released on Tuesday, December 22nd 2020

General Notes

Since there are a lot of features to implement and bugs to fix, we decided to release this maintenance release shortly after the Ignition update.

You might have noticed that we changed the naming system. Starting with this release we’ll switch to a year.number_of_release format. We still want to keep the general sequence of (unnamed) maintenance releases and named (big-)feature releases, although there might be more and smaller maintenance releases in between the named releases than before.

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • Blueprint flight simulator: One of the features that didn’t make it into Ignition was the ability to do a flight simulation with just a blueprint to test how it would perform in a real world scenario. The new command is called BTF and can be accessed via a button in BLU.
  • Warehouse extensions: Another feature that didn’t make it into a release, in this case it was the Presence release. Warehouses can now be extended up to level 20. The cost of each extension is a multiple of the original costs (cost factor below). The total amount of available units and the amount of units available to a single company increases with each level. For more details check out the handbook.

  • Recurring production orders: We recently asked for your favorite quality of life improvements and recurring production orders was your top choice. It is now possible to add recurring production orders to any production line. The mechanic behind it is simple: once a recurring production order gets started (e.g. leaves the queue) it is immediately added to the queue again. You can add different recurring orders and even interleave it with regular orders.


  • The upper limit for warehouse unit rental fees has been raised:
    • 5000 for units on faction worlds
    • 8000 for units in faction space
    • 15000 for units outside of faction worlds

Love all of these, I know they’ll be a lot of happy families on Christmas now that their loved one doesn’t need to go tend the Food Processors on Etherwind every few hours!

Though… I really wonder what the QOL vote would come as now that about 30 votes need redistributing? Especially as 5th and 6th are arguably moot at this point.

Id say 5 is still valid.
Since you can not manage 6 productions with just 5 queue slots even with recurring productions.

I do hope recurring production orders don’t flood us with notifications, that could be a big QOL issue…

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They will generate a notification once a order is complete.
No change there.

Setting all my FP to 1 recurring DW order to see when I start hating myself

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Okay, the release is live, let me know if you run into any issues!

Is there a way to tell by looking at the queue if a particular order is recurring?

Neat, thanks! Oddly that wasn’t displaying for me initially, but it’s certainly there now.

edit: The “recurring” text is covered by “input missing”, this caused my initial confusion. No complaints, just thought I’d mention it :slight_smile: