Refuelling Ships

I made an error today, because I forgot that fuel gets stored in the ship’s hold first at place where you do not have a base. I had previously loaded a shipment from a contract and had very little spare space in the hold. Having spent about twenty minutes transferring the fuel two units at a time; I am wondering if I could have done it in a better way.

I did rent a warehouse, but could not find a way to transfer the fuel to it.

Hard to tell what went wrong here from an outsider’s perspective. It should be possible to move fuel around just like any other material, it is not restricted to a specific store type.

Players suggested to move fuel into their respective tanks on pick-up, but this behavior is not intended on every pick-up. In the case one just wants to haul fuel around it shouldn’t go directly into the tank for example.

Did you try opening the warehouse unit from the screen where you rented it from? Should be an Open Store button. Or if you open the INV screen you should be able to find it there

One option would be to have the Fulfill button have a follow up dialogue asking where you want to fulfill to if there are multiple options.

Other places in the interface already have drop downs allowing you to choose where you want to fulfill to/from. It is missing from the contracts dialogue.

I’ll add another option that I like less than the one above…but…it appears to me that the game has a sequence of preferences today. If I am hauling something, and I have a base on the planet, it fulfills into base storage. If I don’t have a base, it fulfills directly into my ship’s cargo. Without any further action for me.

For SF and FF only — We can extend that series of preferences. If no base, then ship’s cargo hold. If ship’s cargo hold is already full, and only if ship’s cargo hold is already full, then fulfill into the ship’s fuel tank.

Why not just have the fuel tank as one of the automatic options?

In the current implementation, if I have a base, a WAR, and a ship on a planet that I’m receiving LM contract goods, it will consider all of these to place the goods, right? I don’t remember the order, but if the default destination is full, it will automatically try to place in the next, correct?

Why aren’t the fuel tanks on this list for fuel receipts?

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Today, I realised that I had made another error: in my panic, I had rented the warehouse at Mentem instead of at Katoa. I suspect that all would have been OK, if I’d taken my time and thought about it, instead of panicking that I was going to miss a delivery deadline.

But you know how it is; you’re new to the game and not sure how things work. :blush:

Anyway, lesson learnt and it only cost me 3000NCC :grin:

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