Refueling Stations(Gas Stations)

As a lot people know one of the common mistakes of new (and old!) players is to get stuck without fuel. As shipper trying to refuel away from the core systems usually means you have to go back to a core system to refuel which takes a fair bit of time.

The problem with trying to list fuel on the LM is not only players may have a full cargo, preventing them from picking up the fuel in the first place, but when I was running a refuel station in Centrality, players would accept all of them defeating the purpose.

I would be great if there was some time of planetary project that allowed players to buy/sell fuel directly to their fuel tanks, like a gas station. A micro CX if you will.


On a related note and just as important, Its about time for a stranded ship rescue option. Iā€™m worried we are losing players to simple mistakes like not having enough fuel to return home. When your ship is stranded there could be a rescue option where a rescue drone could tug you back to the nearest CX for a cost. It could be made to take days so its not exploitable.

Right now the solution is to bother a dev to magically fuel the ship. Its not a well-known option. If you are a new player you could quit in frustration before you really get a chance to discover the game.