Queues: Move/Pin to Top/Bottom with Ctrl/Alt

I spend crazy amounts of time clicking up arrows all day. It would be amazing if I could have these options:
Ctrl+click up arrow to Move to Top
Ctrl+click down arrow to Move to Bottom
Alt+click up arrow to Pin to Top
Alt+click down arrow to Pin to Bottom

99% of the time, when I click the up arrow in a queue, I want the thing I’m clicking at the top. Let me just ctrl click it and move it there! Many of my buildings have 11 items in queue, and often several of them don’t have the materials. That leaves me clicking and clicking and clicking to get that one item in queue running in the buildings. It is a bit maddening!!

Sometimes I just want one thing out of these 11 things to run until I tell it to stop. Let me just Alt click it and make it stay there until I stop it!

Sometimes I want to just stop producing a certain thing in queue, but since I’ve carefully build my queues in Prunner, I don’t want to delete the item completely. This leaves me constantly cycling these items to the bottom. Just let me Ctrl click to move it there, or Alt click it to permanently stick it at the bottom, until I’m ready to make it again!

This is by far my most desired quality of life improvement.


this would definitely be useful!

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