Queue Suggestion: planned idle-time


as an experience from Kiruna, i have a storage that is almost near limits regarding weight.

As it is not always possible to balance out input of raw materials and usage, i end up piling FEO slowly that cannot be turned into FE. One EXT less, and i will run short someday.

At the moment all i can do is

  1. Cancel “recurring” once i have a small stack available, but i have to remind myself to turn it on again. If i forget it, i will end up waiting days until i have enough FEO for my SMEs again… And of course this stack eats up capacity.
  2. Destroy one EXT once i have enough stack and build it again once i run low. Benefit: i won’t run out completely, negative: still space for the stack and wasted ressources on BFabs.

Have an “idle”-item for production queues!

This is “producable” for all kinds of buildings, just use the “order size” for the duration. Could even be two kinds:

  1. Idle hours → each item takes up 1h (so x20 up to 20h)
  2. Idle quarterhours → each item takes up 1/4h (so x20 up to 5h)
  3. Idle days? → up to 20 days.