Questions about the starting phase into PU

Hello again,

after reading all the currently avaible infomations about PU on your website, there are still some questions left:

If I understand it correctly the player will start as an entrepreneur for one of the 5 big factions(cooperations)!?
Does this mean you are under the cnotrol of the faction and i have for example to pay taxes or only could build in their claimed areas?
Or is it even possible to start off and be totaly on your own maby with some friends from other factions to combine the startup benefits?
I think it would be very importend, to set a logo or so for your company so others can recognize you especially if you are a big player in your local group or neighbourhood :wink: will this be possible?


The factions essentially serve the function of countries in the new worlds. So essentially, they are your “nationality” and define, for example, which currency your accounting works in.

Other than that, you are not “controlled” by the faction in any way. The current idea is to have a set of restrictions in the core worlds of each faction, since those will be the starting points for new players. But as soon as you venture out to star-systems that are not associated with any faction, you can do whatever you like. And while in the core worlds, some fees and taxes have to be paid straight to the faction, in non-core worlds you can set up your own infrastructure with a group of partners (aka corporations) and thereby gain the right to charge for the use of these structures (see Corporations, Infrastructure and Dominance on the feature roadmap).

In short: The further you get away from the core worlds, the more independent you become :slight_smile:

that is/will be awesome :smiley:

so sad we can’t use the long weekend in germany to play PU :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, mind you that many of these more high-level features aren’t actually in the game yet, so you might actually get bored rather quickly right now :wink:

but what could be better than explore the universe and mine resources for later use :blush: i mean seriously what could be better as an sci-fi themed game all day long :wink: