PU Player Lottery #5

Hello everyone! Tickets for the fifth PU lottery are now available!

The last lotteries have been a success and I hope this one will be the same, so please participate and share this with your friends!

Tickets are available for the fifth PU player-Run Lottery. You can buy as many tickets as you like for 10,000 NCC each by sending a contract to xflqr_ (company code CAR). All purchases are published on this Google sheet. The current jackpot is:


On Saturday the 6th of May at 13:00 UTC the total jackpot will be distributed equally to the lucky owners of 3 randomly selected tickets.

Please spread the word and read some frequently asked questions below!

How will you randomly select the tickets?

When your purchase is recorded you get assigned ticket numbers depending on how many you bought (see the Google sheet for examples). Nick will then randomly select the numbers on video.

How do I buy the tickets?

Send xflqr_ (company code CAR) a contract for the value of how many tickets you’d like to purchase. 1 ticket would be 10,000 NCC and 6 would be 60,000 NCC. You can buy as many tickets as you like, as often as you like.

The type of contracts you could use are listed in order of ease:

  1. SHIPPING contract for 1 DW where the pick-up location and drop-off location are both Moria Station, with a payment 10*X,000 NCC
  2. BUY contract for 1 DW with a payment of 10*X,000 NCC
    How will I know if I’ve won and how will I receive my winnings?

Once the tickets are drawn, I’ll update the Google sheet with the results, post on this thread and send contracts to each winner for their prize amount in NCC.

How big the will jackpot be?

We’ve had a jackpot of over 20m so far!

Can more than one of my tickets win?

Yes - each ticket can win once, meaning all 3 of the randomly selected tickets could belong to you, and you’d win the entire jackpot!

Congratulations to Emperormouse for winning the entire lottery!