PU @ Games/Bavaria Vernissage on 19th of May

Just as last year, we will present Prosperous Universe at the Games/Bavaria Vernissage in Munich again. The event takes place at Werk1 on the 19th of May at 16:00. So if you happen to be in the area, make sure to drop by and take a look at PU and other cool games by mostly small and indie developers from Bavaria.

Also, our concept artist Mac has prepared an awesome artwork exclusively for the Vernissage again. A print of this artwork will be on display at the Vernissage and over the two following weeks in the Werk1 Cafe.

@molp won’t be present for obvious reasons, but I will try to show you the game and answer your questions to the best of my abilities. I look forward to meeting you there!

You can find all the details about the event (in German) here: http://www.gamecampmunich.de/vernissage-2017/


If the little one allows I’ll be in the in-game chat trying to make deals and trade commodities :wink:

Aww, would have been great to see you and your game at the vernissage again, but I won’t make it this year. :disappointed: Next time!

Preparations for the 3-screen setup to be on display tomorrow are underway :slight_smile:


Ready for the show!


A few post-vernissage thoughts from my side:

  • As always, it has been a really nice event. It’s small, but that allows for actual conversation with people because no one has to rush to hundreds of booths to see every game on display.
  • We are aware that PU is not the best fit for display at conventions/exhibitions because of the complex interface, its long-term gameplay and the relatively steep learning curve. The Vernissage more or less confirmed this once again :slight_smile:
  • That said, anyone who’s generally into this kind of game was easily convinced verbally that it’s going to be awesome :smiley:

So all in all, I’m very happy with the outcome and our decision to not participate in any larger exhibitions like GamesCom still seems like a good one.