PrUn Secret Santa

Hey there fellow prunies!

Pord had the wonderful idea of doing an in-game “Secret Santa” with the PrUn Community. Anyone who is interested can register at the link below. Once all of the names are gathered, they will be randomly distributed and myself or Pord will contact you with who you are giving the gift to either via ingame chat or discord. You can then co-ordinate the gift either directly with that person (not so secret, but easier) or work through a third-party to communicate and drop off your gift to keep the secret (i.e. I have Pord’s name, but I give my 500k ICA to McGangsta and ask him to pass it on to Pord. Boom Secret)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have a PRO license to exchange Goods.
  • Must register by 12/18.


  • Names will be given out by 12/21.
  • Gifts should be exchanged before Christmas.
  • There is no min/max for gifts. This way everyone can be involved and there is a little bit of a fun gamble to it. Maybe you’ll get a WR worth millions. Maybe you’ll get 1 DW from Dirk. Who knows?!?!
  • Gifts are suggested to be exchanged through a CX planet so as to not make the gift a burden (i.e. I don’t want to give you 1000 RAT on Chu and make you fly all the way over to pick them up).
  • Regardless of where the exchange takes place, the gift giver is responsible to arrange shipping to make the gift convenient for the receiver.

Registration Link:


Is there a maximum limit as to how much I can give? I’m worried that I could break the game with how much I would give.


As far as the Secret Santa Rules are concerned, no there is no maximum. As far as what game mechanics allow… Who know, but I don’t know of any restrictions in game.

** makes note to make sure Yippy gets my name **

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I’m worried if I give away too much it could somehow mess with the balance of the markets.

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As opposed to the yippy™ auctions giving away ludicrous amounts of materials for 1 currency? :slight_smile:

Just join GDP before you do it then you can claim your testing the limits of the game for the greater good of the community :joy:

Sorry. Can’t resist a good GDP jab here and there. :kissing_closed_eyes:


I should note that the whole server now has dirt on GDP. Reset confirmed?,likely%20they%20are%20to%20COLIQ.

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I am getting the highest price I can get for my goods.

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I should have appended an emoji or /s. I intended the statement in jest.

I know what you meant. For clarifaction, the Yippy™️ Auction is an attempt for me to get the highest price for my goods with the least amount of in-game headache in dealing with contracts and players testing me.

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0.00001 ICA per unit to be precise

The price I am getting for everything sems to have gone up. I have players willing to pay more for my goods. It might have to do with the ignition update.

@Yippy We’ve tried reaching out in game and haven’t heard anything. Last chance to respond before we pass gifts on to the next dude. Hit me up in game or discord if you still want in on secret santa.