PrUN Secret Santa 2022

Secret Santa Registration
Hello everyone! The festive season is upon us again. In 2020, @Pord and @EatTacos88 had the idea to do a PrUn Secret Santa, where players give each other a gift (semi)-anonymously. We did this last year too with about 40 participants and are doing it again this year!

If you fill out the form below, before Christmas, me or another helper will send you a message with the name of your partner. You are responsible for getting your gift to them. It could be as small as 1 C in their stocking, as big as a shiny new FTL hauler, or anything in between.

Someone else (not the person you’re giving to) will give you a gift. They may contact you directly or go through a 3rd party to keep it completely anonymous.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have PRO or BASIC to exchange goods
  • Must register by 12/22


  • Names will be given out on 12/23. Please check your in-game chats or Discord.
  • Your gift can be of any amount. From 1 C in their stocking up to anything you can deliver. It’s completely random, so you may not receive as much as you gave, but you may also receive more than you gave.
  • If your gift is more than 500t/m^3, please arrange it somewhere where the other party has room. The gift giver is responsible for dealing with the logistics.

Registration Link:
Secret Santa Registration

The more people that sign up, the more fun this will be! Happy Holidays!


Can you arrange that free players exchange at nearest CX? That would make the game much more fun and have much more players.

With price band shenanigans, I think it’s too complicated. If you want to sign up anyways, and if enough other trial players sign up, I can match you with eachother and let y’all sort out that mess.

Ok. Sorry it needs to be 20 char bye.

Please tell them if I cannot receive ships. I don’t really know myself, so yeah