PrUn Dynamics - A Resource Site for Prosperous Universe

Hello there! In learning games as complicated as PrUn, I find that having handy visual guides can be very useful, especially for understanding the complicated relationships between materials and how they’re used. I went looking for a visual guide to this, and found none, so I went ahead and made one! My new site, PrUn Dynamics has a complete database of every material and how it’s made, presented in a easy tree format. I’ll be adding a ton of features going forward, including seeing what recipes a material is used for, building recipes, and so on. Let me know what you think!


Awesome! I like it a lot! A long time ago martin and I also thought about a more graphical representation of the material tree (that’s how we call it usually) but at the time we decided against implementing it since we have plenty of other things to do. That’s still true… so we went with the MAT / BUI tiles to start with.

Great work! Looking forward on how it will evolve!

I said it in Discord already, but I’ll say it again here: This is pretty amazing!

I went ahead and scheduled a post about it on Twitter and Facebook, hope that’s cool. :smile: It’ll go out in a couple hours.

I love it. I’m not familiar with the higher tiered products so I find this map useful.