Proxion Governorship Update Thread - Dover Style

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Proxion thread. Proxion is now under new governorship - mine. The aim of the governorship is simple, to Build a Better Proxion. This will be done using government funded construction grants, which I will be kicking off soon.

For the time being, I have set up a new sheet for Transparent Governorship and opened the balance with the CIS 101,910 that Curtis passed over from the previous terms.

Stay tuned for applications to the Build a Better Proxion fund, as soon as I work out Google Forms…

As Curtis has rightly pointed out, I haven’t posted an update here!

My term has been quiet, the start of it coincided with a particularly busy period at work, so that was unfortunate.

Proxion Goverment Grant Applications are open! After some feedback, the application form has been refined. Everyone is welcome to apply:

Finally, Proxion continues to grow. Tax income raised 15.8% last week (without any changes to taxes), which is encouraging.

I will stand for another term. This one has been quiet, and I hope for more applicants to the grant program in the next one. Proxion is still a long way from being able to afford the remaining COGC materials, even when they do become available. So it’s important to instead focus on growing her economy.