Prosperous Universe Stories

Hey guys,

I want to start a mini video series that chronicles YOUR experiences in Prosperous Universe. These videos will be short and not highly edited, but will showcase personal player journeys that might inspire others to take on different challenges.

If you have an interesting story like how you colonized an uninhabitable planet, set up a complex supply chain, or any number of scenarios that can happen in the game, then post your story in the comments, reach out to me on Discord, or write me an email at

I will reach out to you if I need more details. Your story can also be anonymous if you would prefer that or I can also feature your name in the video. Thanks and can’t wait to hear all of your unique experiences!

Does anyone remember the story about a person who bought up all the carbon from Hortus on the first day of the universe for like 1000 each to haul to Moria? I think the price crashed before they even arrived to Moria so they were looking to take a massive loss and they COLIQ’d with all the initial carbon that Hortus made :smiley: