Quick proposition!

It would be nice to have a little more variety of public COM channels. Some I am thinking currently :

  • Trading General (Place to advertise your trades/sell around the entire universe)
  • Trading ANT/BEN/HOR/MOR (place to advertise for a specific region)
  • Hauler (Place to advertise for shipping jobs)
  • Corp Recruitement (Place to advertise your corps)

While I know we ended up creating discord communities for those, an in game tool would still be very nice to have!


Maybe instead of one channel for Corp Recruitment, there should be multiple channels for each Corp.

I feel like you could do this in game. Create a channel, call it Trading General and invite everyone yopu can into it. If people don’t want to be in it, they’ll leave. Or you just just advertise them in whatever channels you’re in and see if people want to be in it, then invite them

Rinse, repeat for other channels

Fair enough yea

Mostly came around with that idea since there is this buffer that seems to be useless in the current time :

Something completly public like global is also way easier to deal with for new players :slight_smile:

very true, and I like the idea. As tedious as it would be, if it was done and become popular I could see that being a better reason for the devs to add it. If you do start the channel go ahead and add me :grinning: