[Proposal] Make game a bit faster

Hi, I just started playing Prosperous Universe. This game is the game I’ve been looking for months, even years… The game with awesome complex trading system.
As for me, for a new player the game seems to slow. When on the start I need to buy some materials to build barracks (I don’t know that I needed to build them and have built 3 recommend structures) I send my ship to fullfil the contract to the another planet in my galaxy and I have to wait for 7 hours. Wow! That’s alot.

My proposal: make the game a bit faster, so I don’t need to wait so much time.
In the future it will be great to control the game speed depending on the my “in-game level”, i.e. if I just started playing I can produce simple things, but very fast, and in the same time, if I’m playing alot - I can produce more complex things that are need more time.
This approach will help you to interest new players. The old players will also be happy, because they know what they playing in.
P.S. the game is not easy at all and I, who really motivated to play it, feel scared by the game, because of the to long time I have to wait to do some basic things on the start.

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Hi! Welcome to PrUn!

I vaguely remember someone positing the possibility of multiple servers with differing time factors at a much later date.

Most of the people who I have interacted with in this game are very comfortable with the current time factor. For me, and a lot of other people, we are only able to reliably play once or twice a day (if that). When combined with an increasing number of colonies, it is quite difficult to manage a burgeoning empire even with the current time factor.

I understand the frustration you feel at the moment - I too have been in the situation you are now in.

The early stages of managing your empire will be primarily taken up with immersion, learning Apex, forming relationships with other players, planning empire progression, understanding the production chains, learning the markets, and constructing your spreadsheets. There are an awful lot of things you can be doing at the moment which will make your later game far easier to manage.

You will make mistakes, and you will most likely reset your company in the near future. This time is critical for learning the game and preparing for what you wish to do long term.

There are many opportunities for new players at this stage of the galaxy which were not available to us when this galaxy was first spawned. For instance, using both your ships for hauling contracts you could be able to construct your second colony in under a week. You could have 2 fully furnished colonies within the month. We never had this opportunity.

You will only learn about what is available by interacting with other players. The early game is very forgiving, and is so much more than simply queuing up some production and letting it be.

All the best!