Promitor - State of the Planet #17

Not much more to update people with this week. I think our populations are well and truly divergent from what would naturally arise were we to start a fresh planet. Even though our pioneers don’t consume much of Health, Comfort, and Culture on an individual level, their total needs far exceed the requirements for our other population groups.

It is starting to look as if Promitor may be restricted to almost all Pioneer based production for the remainder of this test run.

I feel that we may have much better luck if we focus on our Pioneers, with a small support group of Settlers. We could take the funds saved on trying to provide comfort and culture to 600k pioneers in order to save our 3k techs and use them to boost infrastructure and population on neighbouring planets.



No change to the infrastructure this period.


I’ve received a dividend payment of 693,620 ICA. This is the first week where the new tax rates have taken effect. I estimate that this will continue to rise towards 950,000 ICA over the next 2 weeks.

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